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mSales is a mobile application that strengthens and adds flexibility to your sales department.

Sales executives get access information about available inventory, expedite order shipment by submitting orders in real-time, track their current sales performance and generate reports for analysis and internal reporting.

mSales helps you to better manage travel costs and paperwork. You can leverage mSales to minimize errors and reduce back-office staffing that is responsible for order entry.


 Value for money 
  • Increase sales velocity with fewer resources.
  • Save time and deliver orders faster.
  •  Ease of use 
  • Enable data collection and retrieval on the mobile device itself.
  • Reduce cycle time and add to your competitiveness.
  • Significantly reduce errors in the order booking process.
  • Increase accuracy and enable quicker responses.
  •  Real-time
  • Enable instant communication between distributors and retailers (and their respective back-end systems).

  • Make product details accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Achieve a high degree of accuracy when estimating available inventory.
  • Give the central marketing department better visibility on the performance of your field staff.
  • Mobile & Web Access

  • mSales gives you complete freedom; track orders on your mobile handset (as a sales executive) or on the web (as an administrator).

  • Get integrated access to critical data on the web and mobile.
  • mSales aims to maximize the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of your sales department by enabling user-friendly, real-time, cost-effective and scalable data collection and management on the mobile and on the web.

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