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Business Mail
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Business Mail

  Existing New Platform
Storage Per ID 200 Mb 2 GB
Max Attachment Size 10 Mb 15 MB
Max size of Email 10 Mb 20 MB
Email forwards Unlimited Unlimited
Auto-responders / Vacation Messages Yes YES
Mailing Lists No 50 lists
Mode of access
POP Standard User Customized
IMAP NA User Customized
SMTP Standard User Customized
Web Access Standard User Customized
Web Access Yes User Customized
Track Sent Emails by users No Yes
Add Bulk Users No Yes
Manage Cache-All No Yes
Admin mail forwards No Yes
User mail forwards No Yes
Anti-Virus Protection Yes Yes
Anti-Spam Protection Yes Yes
Dictionary Harvest Attack Protection Yes Yes
Mail Bomb Protection Yes Yes
Email Server Flooding Protection Yes Yes
Bizmail Professional Business Image
Customized Email addresses linked to company domain name
Bizmail Secured
Secured from virus & spams. Your mail boxes are also protected from Dictionary Harvest Attacks, Mail Bombs and Email Server Flooding
No Spam, No Ads
Ad-free email inbox. No Pop-ups, no distracting advertisements.
Just pure mail!
Bizmail Access Anywhere
Access you emails via a web browser or your favourite email clients
Bizmail Mono Control
Single panel to Add, Delete or Upgrade your mail account

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