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Project - Features

Plan your projects

Tasks Lists and Tasks
Project tasks and tasks lists make it easy to keep your work items and deliverables organized and manageable, all in one easy-to-access location. You can monitor the status of tasks, assign tasks to members, send email reminders and track progress of your project.
Task Dependency
Task Dependency view helps the project team to get bird's eye view of dependent tasks with details like,

* Who are responsible for the tasks
* What tasks are dependent on each other
* When these tasks need to completed

Also dependency view links tasks so that the dependent tasks are automatically adjusted when a top task is rescheduled.
Milestones for a project
Milestones can be used to group tasks together and quickly evaluate how close the project deliverable is to completion. With Milestones you can have a full control of what members are doing, how it is progressing and get a clear picture of key deliverables.
Schedule team meetings, gather notes, post slides and manage all important meetings of a project from a central location. If you miss any important meeting don't worry you can see everything that happened during the course of a meeting.

Collaborate to get projects done

Project Stream
The Project Stream gives you a quick overview of the latest activities happening around your project. For example - have any tasks been completed or opened? Did anyone start a new conversation?
Project Calendar
With the project calendar it's easy to keep track of all the important events of a project from a single place. The project calendar easily organizes all your project's meetings, events, appointments, shows key deadlines and much more - all in a centralized place that keeps everyone in the loop.
Document Sharing
The Documents area provides a centralized area where you can store and organize in different folders your documents. And, because Projects is integrated with Office, you can quickly create documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly on your browser, without having to install (or pay for!) any additional software.
Forum Discussions
The project forums are interactive message boards where you can put a topic up for discussion and let ideas flow back and forth. Unlike emails, all the forum topics are easily accessible by anyone involved in the group.
Project Wiki
Wikis offer a simple and quick way for anyone to create web pages and publish them for anyone to see. With a Wiki, you can for example, create an "intranet" for your projects. Projects offers an integrated, effective wiki interface for your projects with seamless navigation.
Online Group Chat
The always-on built-in chat room allows everyone on the project to quickly come together to discuss important topics and make decision faster. Best of all, it runs entirely on your browser so there's no need to install anything, no need to know all of your fellow project members AOL or MSN ids and most importantly, the transcript always stays there, so you can refer back to the decisions that were made.

Track your progress

Project Dashboard
Project Dashboard is the one stop view of all your project related activities. Projects offers a friendly and a collaborative dashboard which helps you to stay on top of your projects through the Project Stream, User Status etc.
Project Reports
Reports (Gantt charts) visually represents the project status, length of an activity and time spent on it. You can assess how long a project will take to complete, determine the resources needed, and prioritize the order in which tasks are to be carried out.
Time Tracking
Time is money, and you need to know where your time is going, which projects you are working on, what types of work are you doing so that you can easily manage and identify actual working hours.
Integration with Invoice
Create nice and elegant invoices from timesheet and send it for client payment using Invoice. In just a single click on Create Invoice will load all your timesheet data as invoice for your clients.
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