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Task Management

Task Manager to Enable Easy Online Collaboration
  • Create tasks. You can create shared tasks for a group or personal tasks for yourself. Simply enter the task subject, any notes, relevant start and completion dates, the priority level, and workflow status.

  • Manage tasks. You have complete control over task management, including authorizing who can view each task, assigning tasks to group members, and modifying or marking tasks as completed.

  • Task to-do lists. On group and personal homepages, HyperOffice provides a to-do list of open tasks, with one list for tasks you assigned, and another for tasks that are assigned to you. And you can have HyperOffice proactively remind you when a task is about due.

  • Create projects. You can group a number of tasks under a project name, description, and project folder, which provides a great way to manage and optimize your workflow. And there are no limits on the number of your projects in HyperOffice.

  • Import, export, and sync tasks. You can import and synchronize tasks with Microsoft Outlook using the HyperOffice Outlook Sync Tool. You can also export tasks to a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

  • Flexible viewing options. You can easily sort and filter projects and tasks by key elements such as subject, due date, status, and priority. Additionally, use our convenient Gantt chart to display project milestones and bring projects into perspective.


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