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InstaCompute is a cloud based service that offers computing power on demand. It works on the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivery model. IaaS is infrastructure delivered as a service, instead of managed in-house. Users can provision processing capacity, storage, networking and other fundamental computing resources and access them over the Internet or a Virtual Private Network instead of using equipment based in their premises

Key characteristics of our Instacompute solution:
On Demand:
Automatic provisioning that takes place in minutes instead of traditional model which required days & weeks.
Cost Effective:
The service works on resource pooling thus the overall cost can be maintained low. Lowest service variant offered for price as low as Rs 2.45/hr
No Maintainance :
All hardware and network components of the service are monitored and maintained by Tata Comm, leaving customer free to concentrate only on his applications and services.
Measured Service :
Optimize service based on metering. Resource usage can be monitored, controlled and reported
Dedicated Support Team:
24x7x365 support team reachable by Email, Phone or Web
Rapid Elasticity :
Quick, elastic provisioning, to scale up or down as per business demand
Supported Platforms:
  Windows 2008/2003 | Fedora | Ubuntu | CentOS Linux
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