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Broadband Dialup Email Support

The service is currently offered under 6 product variants which are as follows

 Cores  RAM  Storage Price
(INR/ hr)
Windows License (optional)*
(INR/ hr)
Total Price (with Windows) (INR/ hr)
 1 Core  1 GB  20 GB 2.45 0.55 3.00
 1 Core  2 GB  20 GB 4.95 1.10 6.05
 2 Cores  4 GB  20 GB 9.90 2.20 12.10
 4 Cores  8 GB  20 GB 19.80 4.35 24.15
 8 Cores  16GB  20GB 44.50 8.70 53.20
 8 Cores  40 GB  20 GB 111.95 21.60 133.55
Besides the costs listed above, which are on per hour basis, there are optional components which are billed on monthly basis and they are listed below
 Storage & Data Transfer – Billed monthly
   Price (INR)
 Additional Storage (per GB/month)  6.75
 Inbound Data Transfer  Free
 Outbound Data Transfer to MPLS  Free
 Outbound Data Transfer to Internet (per GB/month)  7.65

With each of the instance, following components are offered free of cost

  • Virtual Firewall, Switch & Load Balancers
  • 3 Public IPs
  • 20 GB Storage space

The customer is billed only for the number of hours that the servers were actually in usage (that is in running mode). However, in case of additional storage, the customer would be billed as long as the customer has opted for additional storage for his VM instance.

The service works on a postpaid model, wherein at the end of month the customer is sent a bill seeking payment.



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