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About PC Secureity Shild
A web-based management portal makes it easy to monitor your IT security. PC Security Shield saves time and money, so you can focus on your business priorities.
Instant protection against new threats, viruses, worms and spyware
Global protection in 60 seconds from first confirmation of a new threat. PC Security Shield Deep Guard 2.0 technology with instant recognition of both safe and malicious software enables lightning-fast protection against new threats. In addition the updates several times a day to provide so you can safely use your computer enabling you a rich digital life.
Protects your computer against hackers
You can keep your private data to yourself with the personal firewall that stops hackers from breaking into your computer.
Helps you stay free from spam e-mail and phishing attempts
The software filters unwanted spam and e-mail schemes designed to steal your private information as well as blocks access to suspicious and malicious websites.
Low-impact on system resources
Optimized to provide optimal protection while using as little system resources as possible so you can enjoy using your computer while feeling confident and safe.
PC Security Shield is the first anti-virus in the world to release a real-time protection network for consumers that enables global protection within 60 seconds from the first confirmation of a new threat. This is based on PC Security Shield DeepGuard 2.0, a technology that uses "in-the-cloud" computing to provide instant protection against new threats.
DeepGuard 2.0 - a quick overview PC Security Shield DeepGuard 2.0 incorporates a feature called Network Lookups to enable instant protection against emerging threats.
How does it work?
-PC Security Shield DeepGuard 2.0 detects when a Windows application is launched.
- The new Network Lookup feature asks the "cloud" about the application.
- The "cloud" answers instantly within a fraction of a second!
- DeepGuard 2.0 takes the appropriate action based on the cloud's answer: Good applications are allowed and bad applications are blocked.