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DrawEazy- Features
DrawEazy is a rich visual collaborative platform used by globally dispersed teams to communicate more effectively. With DrawEazy's easy to use interface and shared Projects, everyone on your design, development and business teams can collaborate on software designs, wireframes, business & strategy diagrams easily.
Draw Anything Easily within Project
Intuitive, Elegant Web Interface

A fully interactive, easy to use interface that works right in your browser. No downloads or installs. Just elegant diagramming.
Large Library of Objects and Shapes

With tons of smart objects for business, technical and design users, the whole team can draw and design just about anything.
Easy Online Diagramming

DrawEazy comes with smarts that make diagramming easy. Smart Objects & Shapes and our easy to use Contextual Toolbars make diagramming a pleasure.
Work and Draw Faster

With our 1-Click Create-N-Connect button and Keyboard shortcuts, you'll be working twice as fast on Flow Charts, Org Charts, Sitemaps and more. It feels like you never left your desktop.
Collaborate on Projects with Your Team
Collaborate with your Team

DrawEazy is purpose built for easy collaboration. Project Teams can work in private workspaces and even invite clients to review and comment on designs.
Reply to Comments

Post-it Notes and built-in Commenting makes collaboration more effective. Add Comments and notify collaborators with just 1-click.
Never Lose your Work

Multiple revision support, so you never have to worry about losing your diagrams. Collaborators' changes are saved to a new version automatically.
Publish Diagrams on your Wiki

DrawEazy diagrams are easy to publish or embed into your website or Wiki. Automatically published to a short URL (http://create.ly) for easy sharing.
Beauty & Flexibility
Manage multiple Projects with Tags

Organize & manage all your designs and diagrams in Projects. These diagrams can be easily filtered using tags saving a whole lot of your time.
Easy Start Templates

DrawEazy's free templates for everything from SWOT to Web Mockups, let you get your ideas flowing and get started faster.
1-Click Preset Styles

Make your diagrams stand out of the crowd. DrawEazy comes loaded with professional color themes that make styling your diagram a 1-Click task.
More Colors, Fills and Transparency

Get fine granular control over how your diagrams look with controls for transparency, gradients, fills and more.
The Super Features
We know what you're Drawing

DrawEazy is smart enough to figure out what you're drawing. Whether it is a Flowchart, Sitemap or just about anything,you'll be helped along the way with the right features, logic and shapes.
Capture Design Data

Capture essential data properties right in your UML Diagrams, Org Charts or any other Diagram so design considerations are never lost. Export your data as XML for lot's more data goodness.
Intuitive and Powerful Connectors

Connectors that work like a charm and are flexible enough for the most complex diagrams. Magic gluepoints let you connect where you want.
Link Diagrams Together

Create links between your diagrams, and have as many of them open to see the big picture. Great for Sitemaps, Org Charts and Wireframes.
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