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DrawEazy- Diagram Examples, made in DrawEazy
Software Project Designs
UI and Screen Mockups
Create beautiful UI mockups and Wireframes online. With many standard UI elements to choose from, its great to mock up screens, web pages, applications or anything you need to layout. See how easy it is to mockup screens, create graphical user interface designs and web page Wireframes with DrawEazy.
Interactive Site Maps
Easy, Interactive Site Maps for your website. Work collaboratively with your team to map out and plan your web site. Include hyperlinks in your sitemaps that link to your web pages. Click here to check out DrawEazy for Sitemaps.
UML Diagrams
UML diagrams are pretty common on any software project team. With DrawEazy, you can create UML Class diagrams, Use Case diagrams, Activity diagrams and State diagrams. Our Smart Connectors and auto-sizing UML objects let you create great looking UML diagrams in no time. See how easy it is to draw UML Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Use Case diagrams and more with DrawEazy.
SOHO Network Plans
Ever needed to draw your server plan or even office network plan, but couldn't find the right tool? Now you can draw your server and network diagrams online with ease, and DrawEazy will even highlight errors it finds.
Business and Management Diagrams
Online SWOT Analysis
Brainstorm on SWOT analysis with your team using our online SWOT Analysis templates and diagrams. Get going faster with DrawEazy's ready made template for SWOT diagrams and collaborate with your team. Click to try our free online SWOT Analysis templates.
Organisational Charts
Organisational Charts for your business or team. Map it out and store important information directly in the chart. With 1-click, you can publish your Organisational Charts online. Check out the types of Organizational Charts you can make with DrawEazy
Flowcharts are used in every business and classroom today. Our 1-click Create-N-Connect feature makes DrawEazy is the easiest way to create beautiful online flowcharts. Check out why DrawEazy is best for online Flowcharts.
Value Stream Maps
Value Stream Maps are used for business and Operations planning. Our smart shapes for Value Stream Maps are easy to use and perfect for working across locations.
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Total Quality Management practices are designed to improve the performance of organizational processes in business environments. An organizational commitment to quality, and the importance of communicating this quality commitment is essential for effective Total Quality Management. TQM came mainly from the work of the quality gurus and their theories. Now, with DrawEazy's TQM objects, you can create quick and easy online TQM diagrams for business process re-engineering, continuous improvement, and quality solutions.
K-12 Education Templates
Graphic Organizers Templates for K-12 Education
DrawEazy is pre-loaded with Easy Start Templates that make it a breeze for K-12 students and teachers to get started with online drawing. We have specially designed graphic organizer templates for K-12 Education like Storyboards, Fishbone Diagrams, T Charts, Y Charts, Cycles Diagrams, Story Graphic Organizer, Venn Diagrams and much more. Check out our easy start Graphic Organizer Templates for Education
Chemistry Lab Equipment
Laboratory experiments are an important part of any chemistry class. Familiarization with basic equipment is essential to laboratory success. Here at DrawEazy, we've introduced an exhaustive set which includes a collection of test tubes, beakers, pipettes, tripod stands, bunsen burner, test tube racks, funnels, a whole range of flasks from erlenmeyer flasks to round bottom flasks, and countless of other shapes.
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