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Web forms simplify the process of capturing visitors’ or users information from the website into your CRM system. It is designed to automate importing of information from website into CRM and to enable non-technical users to design and publish their own web forms.

The web forms can be used for:

Capturing data (visitors) information
Communicating with website visitors
Conducting surveys
Responding to user queries
Generating online sales
Online Feedbacks
Your Benefits

The new web form in CRM is far more intelligent in its functional capacity:

Spam Free: The mandatory Domain Name prevents spam mails from getting into the Lead Generation process.
Multiple Forms: You can create multiple Web-to-Lead and have them all active.
Activation Enabled: Previously it was required to enable (activate) the Web-to-Lead form for capturing leads. In the new system, by default the form is active.
Password Independent: Change in password does not affect the generated web form anymore.

There are three phases to the actual functioning of the web form:

Creation & Generation
Approval & Assignment
Hosting & Data Center
Website Creator
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