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Customer Lifecycle ManagementWelcome to CRM, an On-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for managing your customer relations in a better way. CRM software helps streamlining your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single system.

Target Audience

  • Sales Reps, Managers and Executives
  • Lead Managers, Event Managers and Marketing Managers
  • Customer Support Agents, Support Managers and Executives
  • Accounting Managers and Stock Handlers
  • Business Managers, Executives and Top Management
  • CRM System Integrators

CRM Modules

Sales Force Automation
Lead Management | Account Management | Contact Management
Opportunity Management | Sales | Forecasts | Sales Quotes

Marketing Automation
Campaign Management | Lead Generation|Email Marketing

Customer Support & Service
Case Management | Solution Management

Inventory Management
Products Catalog | Vendor Management | Vendor Management (Procurement)
Purchase Order | Sales Orders | Invoice Management

CRM Analytics
Reports | Dashboards

Web-Forms | Plug-in


The following table describes the various Icons and terminologies used in CRM





Any activity that is assigned to an application user.


Scheduling of a task within a specific time frame.


Raw details about individuals or representatives of organizations collected from trade shows, seminars, advertisements and other marketing campaigns.


A company or a department within the company with which you plan or have business dealing.


People or organization you communicate with in pursuit of a business opportunity.


Refers to the important records that generate real revenue for your organization.


Provides factual insight for tracking and fine-tuning the sales process in your organization.


A marketing process which is planned, executed, distributed and analyzed.


Refers to the feedbacks received from the customers on various issues pertaining to the use of products or services.


Refers to resources within the organization that enables solving repetitive problems encountered by customers.


Refers to goods or services sold or procured by any organization.

Price Book

It is the agreed price for selling a product to a customer. Based on the agreed terms, the prices can even vary for different customers.


This refers to companies, individuals or contractors from whom your organization procures products and/or services.


A legal agreement between a customer and a vendor to deliver the requested product within the specified time at the agreed price.

Purchase Order

A legally bound order-placing document for procuring products or services from vendors.

Sales Order

A confirmation of sales generated after the customer sends a purchase order based on your quotes.

Invoice Refers to a bill issued by the vendor to the customers along with the goods/services with the purpose of procuring payments.

Tracks / records daily activities pertaining to different modules within business operations.


Presentation of data or records for various modules as per requirement.

Dashboard A pictorial representation of your custom report data, which gives a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics.

System Requirements

CRM is an on-demand, user-friendly application, compatible with the basic system configuration. Still, to avoid any loose ends we suggest you take a look at the system requirements, listed below, that will enable you hassle free working with CRM.

Operating System

Windows / Linux

Web Browser

IE 6 and above / Firefox 2.0 and above

Other requirements

Enable JavaScript
Enable Cookies
Flash plug in installed
Spreadsheet viewer installed (optional)
Acrobat reader installed (optional)

Note for Internet Explorer 6 & 7 users:

  • Open browser > Go to Tools > Internet options > Advanced > Multimedia.
  • Keep ‘SHOW PICTURES’ and ‘SMART IMAGE DITHERING’ options selected.
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