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CRM Analytics - Sales Reports & Dashboards :

CRM offers fully customizable reports in all the modules (Sales, Marketing, Support and Inventory ) with more flexible options, such as cross-linking modules, arithmetic operations, different types of layouts, 3-level column grouping, public/private folders, scheduling reports generation and delivering to the intended users including non-CRM users through email. In addition, 25 plus standard reports are packed in various modules which can be used as a ready reference and enhance the learning experience.

CRM Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Using CRM dashboards you can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory related data. In CRM, dashboard comprises of different types of two-dimensional/three-dimensional (2D/3D) charts, which are generated dynamically built over the Adobe Flash technology. The unique chart is Funnel chart, which can be used to visualize the sales pipeline at various stages intuitively.

CRM - Sales Reports & Dashboards
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